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by The National Association of Private Schools

It’s easy to start.

Our goal is to keep the process simple. If you are new to homeschooling, we will take you step-by-step through the entire process.

Our service is unmatched.

Since 1982, MCA has been the homeschool academy of choice for those who want helpful friendly staff, quality education, and a great home school experience.

Unparalleled documentations and support.

Unsurpassed support for your convenience is a priority at MCA. Our resources are designed to help families meet every challenge of homeschooling.

IS the Homeschooler's Best friend!

Our staff has had years of experience working with home school parents. Our office keeps a quiet, fun, yet professional atmosphere. Not only is there very little turnover in our staff, but our homeschool parents tend to stay with us for the long term. Since 1982, MCA has been the homeschool academy of choice for those who want helpful friendly staff, quality education, and a great home school experience.

While you teach, we provide:

  • Diagnostic testing for accurate placement in the curriculum
  • Character-based curriculum for preschool through high school
  • Rental DVDs for high school math and science courses
  • Parent Orientation packet
  • Unlimited telephone and email support
  • Qualified academic advisors
  • Complete computerized record keeping
  • Accountability: end-of-quarter reminders
  • High school academic projection
  • High school diploma upon completion of graduation requirements
  • High school graduation ceremony, Bloomington, IL
  • Official transcripts

Completing of forms for student insurance when needed.



A latino family sits in front of a computer doing schoolwork.

We are pleased to use a core curriculum that provides the best academic education available. This character-based program, combined with MCA’s superior service, results in a rewarding home school experience for parents and students.

  • Strong academic education
  • User-friendly format
  • Character-based approach
  • No lesson plans required



Parent Supervised, Student Applied



Character building, Non-Denominational



Self-paced material, accurate placement

Superior Academics

Superior Academics

Proven superiority in national norms

Several of our electives were written by founders John & Jan Walsh. These include courses in Bible, Science, and history. See our product page for descriptions

Download a two-page PDF that highlights some of the benefits of the curriculum we use.

to begin

Step 1

Look over the website and get a feel for who we are. Browse the photo gallery and see photos of our facilities and staff members. Compare our fees to those of other home school academies. Read the parent commitment section and note the comprehensive  parent training booklet .

Step 2

Most people find it helpful to talk to our principal before making their decision. Call our office (309) 663-4477 and ask for Fred Moore. He will explain how our program works. Another option is to email Cindy with your questions.

Step 3

There are many good home school academies from which to choose. If you conclude that we are the right one for you, go through the enrollment process. You can do this on line, or by phone.

Step 4

Once you have enrolled, an educational consultant will be assigned to you. She will be your assistant as you work through your academic year. She will pray for you, answer your questions, and be the one you will ask for when you call. Your consultant will assist you with the placement testing process, curriculum ordering, and parent orientation.

It's as simple as that

By the time you complete step 4, you will know exactly what to do. We specialize in making homeschooling easier for a parent. You can relax and enjoy the experience of educating your children without having to worry about lesson plans, record keeping, and academic projections.

If MCA is not for you

We understand there are many choices, and it is important to find the one that is right for your family. Another way we can help you is for you to look at our PRODUCTS PAGE. We have many electives that can be purchased from Midwest Warehouse. Just call 309-663-2518.

Parental commitment

Parental commitment

An Asian family does homework at a table.
As a Midwest Christian Academy homeschool parent, you are the center of your student’s educational process. To make our partnership in education a success, we request that you make the following commitment:
  • Carefully read all information sent to you by MCA
  • Complete the Parent Training Booklet
  • Supply MCA with the student’s high school records
  • Provide adult supervision when the student is doing school work
  • Keep tests and test answer keys in a secure place
  • Have all tests graded by a responsible adult
  • Return all graded tests promptly at the end of each quarter
  • Purchase a repeat booklet if a student does not successfully pass a test
  • Contact the MCA office staff when you need assistance

Parent/Supervisor Training

The key to success is training.  MCA’s parent training booklet provides step-by-step procedures to having a successful homeschool experience. This is a practical “how to” manual, showing you how to use the curriculum, and how to work with the staff at MCA. From this training, parents will learn of additional motivational tools, field trip ideas, suggested daily procedures, goal setting, answer key use, extra services of MCA, and additional courses. 


Homeschool Cost made simple

Homeschool Cost made simple

Once parents have paid for diagnostic testing, our goal is to include all their expenses in two categories – registration and tuition. There are a few exceptions to this, but not many. Most parents find that registration and tuition pays for it all.

Diagnostic testing fee

Diagnostic testing fee

This covers the cost of the Diagnostic Tests that each new student takes when first enrolling with MCA.



Registrations are accepted at any time during the school year. The annual, non-refundable Registration Fee is paid when the student enrolls, and at the beginning of each new school year thereafter.

2024-2025 Tuition Fees

2021-2022 Tuition Fees



Diagnostic Testing Fee (Grades 1-12)


Registration Fees (Per Student)


Tuition Fees - Annual Payment Option (Grades 1-8)

First Student in Family


Second Student in Family


Each Additional Student


Tuition Fees - Annual Payment Option (Grades 9-12)

First Student in Family


Second Student in Family


Each Additional Student


Quarterly Payment Option - Grades 1-8

First Student in Family


Second Student in Family


Each Additional Student


Quarterly Payment Option - Grades 9-12

First Student in Family


Second Student In Family


Each Additional Student


Preschool & Learning-to-read





Reading Readiness Test for Learning-to-read


Shipping & Handling

One Quarter


Each additional Quarter per family (same shipment)


Other items sent separately from a quarterly


our Staff

Fred Moore

Fred Moore - Principal

Fred Moore has had many years of experience in Christian education. For 25 years, he pastored a church in the Chicago area where he founded a Christian School, using the same curriculum we use in MCA. He and his wife worked side-by-side in the school where they had the privilege of teaching all six of their own children as well as many others. Their children are now grown and actively serving the Lord. In 1997, Fred came to serve as Principal of Midwest Christian Academy. His years of experience in individualized education with the ACE curriculum prepared him for understanding the unique needs of homeschooling parents.

Cindy Walters - Registrar

Cindy joined the MCA staff in 2002 after her youngest son graduated from high school. Cindy gained first-hand experience as a student with the ACE curriculum during her high school years. She also has 19 years experience as a homeschool parent.

Cindy Walters
Amy Dempsey

In August 2019, MCA was pleased to welcome Amy to their staff. She graduated from an ACE school, and now she and her husband home school their four children using the ACE curriculum. They feel home schooling was the best decision they made for their family.

Amy Dempsey - Data Entry

Contact Us

    Midwest Christian Academy:

    301 S. Prospect Rd. Ste 1C Bloomington, IL 61704
    Monday – Thursday Office Hours – 8 AM to 4:30 PM CST

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