"I wanted to thank you for your prompt response to my questions. It is so nice to be able speak to a real person when I call Midwest Christian Academy.
We feel it is an honor to be enrolled in your excellent school."

- Wyoming Parent

Enrollment Procedure

1. Once you have carefully read all of the information, fill out the enrollment form and return it to MCA with the registration fee (non-refundable), and the diagnostic testing fee.

2. When we receive your enrollment form, registration fee, and diagnostic testing fee, we will send you the Parent Training Packet along with the diagnostic placement tests and previous school records form.

3. Administer the diagnostic tests and return them to us within one week, along with the tuition payment for the first quarter. We are available to help you with this process.

      • When we receive the diagnostic tests and the first quarter's tuition, we will place the student in the level of curriculum where he/she is capable of performing.
      • If we find "learning gaps" we will prescribe material to fill the gaps so the student can successfully move into higher levels of the curriculum.
      • High school students will receive credit for any work required to fill in the gaps.
      • Please allow up to three weeks for this entire process and for the curriculum to be shipped.
      • Plan ahead. At peak times of the school year (Aug, Sept, & Jan) it takes longer to process enrollments.

Online Form019 kids floor

Online Enrollment Form

Re-Enrollment Form

Download printable PDF forms

Enrollment Form

Student Record Release Form

Curriculum Re-Order Form

Re-Enrollment Form

Only for previously-homeschooled students

Elementary School Course Verification Form

High School Credit Verification Form


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Easy to start

Easy to start

Our goal is to keep the process simple. If you are new to homeschooling, we will take you step-by-step through the entire process.


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Since 1982, MCA has been the homeschool academy of choice for those who want helpful friendly staff, quality education, and a great home school experience


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Unsurpassed support for your convenience is a priority at MCA. Our resources are designed to help families meet every challenge of homeschooling.


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